Check out our videos of the comedians performing at the Sapphire Comedy Hour!

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It’s time you got your laughs off!

Tek G Video – I’m a Technical Gangster
Lenny Windsor – I Got Stopped By The Police
Bobby Stauts – I Need To Lose Weight.
Geechy Guy – I Experimented With Marijuana
Josh Nasar – Too Much Caffeine
Sapphire Comedy Hour Every Saturday Night
Brandon Johnson, The 18 Hour Bra
Roger Rodd, Politically Correct
Jozalyn Sharp – Skinny Girls
Phil the Filipino – I Love To Sing Karaoke
Paul Blair, Hoola Hoop Stuntman
Kalani Kokonuts, Burlesque Dance
Charisma, Pole Dancer
Seth Grabel, Illusionist
Donnie Johnson, The Perks of Living In a Bad Neighborhood
Chris Randal, Magician, Escape from Trunk
Stephen Briggs, Rappers Freedom of Speech
Mon Dre, Magician
The Rope Master
Jen Murphy, Since texting was invented
Ryan Cole, Wait for me to respond to your text message
Luna Shimada, Illusionist
Tony Calabrese, I’m worried about kids today
Eliot Chang, No one is scared of Asians
Greg Wilson, What time you leaving today?
Ms Arkansas, He ain’t your daddy
Ace Guillen, Chicks spray fruit smells